What is K-Lawyers and what do we offer for K-Law Students?
We offer an innovative platform in which you can: connect/interact with prominent lawyers/law firms within in your region and/or throughout the nation; expand your network; apply all of the legal theory you have learned to real-world projects/assignments; and hone your practical legal skills to become better prepared to make the transition from law school into the legal-working community.
Does K-Lawyers charge a fee?
There is no charge for K-Law Students. The Firm/Lawyer posting the work will be subject to a modest Platform Fee per assignment/project.
How long does it take to get approved?
It can take up to 24-48 hours until your account will be approved.
How will I get paid?
Upon successfully completing the assignment/project and upon the lawyers/firms approval, the funds deposited into the Assembly Escrow Account will be transferred to the Bank Account or other payment method that you have provided.
How do I accept a bid?
Once you have been invited to bid on your assignment, you will receive notifications on the K-Lawyers site and email notifications as bids come in.
Student Ambassadors:
If you are interested in becoming a K-Lawyers’ Student Ambassador, please contact us.
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