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We know the problems, struggles, and frustrations lawyers & firms experience in the hiring process because we are lawyers.
In an effort to scale/expand our firm, we needed
competent and skilled employees but lacked the
capital and time to hire & train full-time employees.
We tried working with well-reputed HR companies.
These attempts were rarely, if ever, successful because:
these HR Companies often lacked the talent to meet our urgent needs.
And worse yet they charged exorbitant fees; charging us 25%-40% per project.
So, we started brainstorming! We approached our network of colleagues
and began outsourcing small projects to independent lawyers on a
contract-to-contract basis.
We quickly learned this was a far more efficient, effective, and
cost-friendly way to work.
We could negotiate the price, retainer, and due dates without
an expensive-middle man.
We could pay hourly or per project instead of committing
long-term to hire/train an attorney.
This eliminated the expenses that accompany the hiring
of a permanent employee(s).
We were not only able to expand and scale without the stress
and overhead, it completely transformed the firm's bottom line.
Shortly thereafter, we were able to grow our practice beyond our
Upon scaling and increasing revenue, we knew we had found the winning formula!
We created K-Lawyers to help other lawyers & law firms replicate similar growth and scalability.
K-Lawyers is the only full-service L2L (Lawyer-to-Lawyer) online marketplace. Today, with our 4+ years of experience, we’ve helped over 500 firms increase their revenue with the power of our trusted community of K-Lawyers.
The best part?
With K-Lawyers, you can scale & grow your practice without the
risks and expenses that typically are included in the commitment
to full-time employees.
We expect your skepticism, a trait found in all good Lawyers, so don't just take our word;
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We know as a lawyer it is your duty to protect your client. That’s why you can share as little or as much as you want about a specific project or assignment.
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